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“Where are you from?”

It’s a common question we get asked whenever we meet someone new as a way of sharing something personal about ourselves, because your hometown is big part of who you are. It is where you were born and made memories with your friends.

When you think of your hometown, you remember Friday nights in the fall spent at football games, winters spent huddled indoors, springs spent helping your family or friends prepare for the growing season, and summers spent running around outside. At Northeast Security Bank, we put a lot of stock in being a hometown community bank, which is why we want to help our communities grow and thrive in a very special way.

Northeast Security Bank is proud to announce the “Find Your Way Home” program. We have set aside $1,000,000 to finance low rate mortgages.  The goal of the program is to bring back those who have graduated from our area high schools to come back to our local communities.  This will help our communities thrive and grow as these graduates start their own families, send their kids to area schools and support our local businesses by shopping locally.

Those eligible for the program include:

  • Graduates from the Decorah, Dysart, Independence, Sumner-Fredericksburg, Wapsie Valley or Center Point- Urbana High Schools who are returning to one of our communities to purchase a home.
  • Graduates who already own a home, but would like to become a homeowner in one of our communities.
  • Graduates who already live in our communities who rent a home or live with their parents but would like to purchase a home.

By providing people with manageable mortgages to purchase homes in and around Sumner, Fredericksburg, Fairbank and Decorah, Northeast Security Bank is working to improve the economies of the communities we serve.

“Northeast Security Bank is trying to promote economic growth in our communities by providing low cost financing and help families move back to Northeast Iowa,” Ben Pagel, President of Northeast Security Bank, said.

While there is no timetable set, mortgages will be offered on a first come, first served basis. For those local graduates looking to move back to their hometown and looking to purchase their first home, the “Find Your Way Home” mortgage program from Northeast Security Bank is your solution. Contact your nearest Northeast Security Bank office today to take advantage of this program and return to your hometown roots.